The Fun Room

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We have a room in our house that we call the “Fun Room”. It is where we have the desktop computers (though we usually use laptops) and books, and we have always intended to put our Pez collection in there. Despite the fact that we call it the “Fun Room”, it has been somewhat less than fun in the 5 1/2 years that we’ve lived here because it is the only room in the house that we never really got around to doing anything with. The proof is in the pudding (I have always wanted an excuse to say that!):

See? Less than fantastic. Not so fun. A bit embarrassing actually, and it also happened to be the room that people saw first when they came into our house, since it was right inside the front door. A little while back we got the hankering to fix it up. We chose a nice buttery yellow color for the walls and picked up some new bookshelves. My hubby went and got some shelves to put the Pez on. I must say, the “Fun Room” is much more fun now than it used to be!

Much more fun now, don’t you think? And that’s not all the Pez. We have a lot more that we just didn’t have enough stands for. Once we get more stands, we’ll put those out too!


Yes, I Know it’s Early

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It’s early, I know, but I just couldn’t wait! Every year, around the time the calendar turns to November, I get antsy to decorate for Christmas. I have always loved Christmas, with all the shiny and sparkly decorations and the fun music. When I was growing up, we decorated the day after Thanksgiving, though I would have loved to bust out the Christmas stuff earlier than that. Once I got married, my husband and I figured we would step outside the box and decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving. We were living on the edge, I tell you! Well, we’ve been getting really unruly the last couple of years, because we’ve been decorating for Christmas even earlier than that! So here I am, eleven days before Thanksgiving, admiring our lovely Christmas tree, the North Pole Village and various other festive decorations, while listening to my favorite holiday tunes.

It started Friday afternoon. We always set the village up first, and I had the boxes out and ready to go by the time my husband got home from work. Zoey was watching me from her bed in the corner, wondering what I was up to.


I actually had some of my part of the village set up before he got home. Like I said before, I just couldn’t wait! There is still a finishing touch (some nice fluffy snow) to be put on the village displays, and there are a few light bulbs to replace, but they are pretty much finished. The first picture is the North Pole Woods, and that is my husband’s part of the village. The other pictures are what I am in charge of.

Saturday morning was when the fun really started. I get really excited, like freak-out excited, when it’s time to set up the Christmas tree. I got up that morning and got dressed and wanted to put up the tree RIGHT THEN! My husband, on the other hand, had plans to have a cup of coffee and check his email and whatnot on the computer for a few minutes before we got started. What is WRONG with him? Finally we got on track and boxes of Christmas goodies started making their way into the house. I didn’t take any pictures of the actual decorating because I was too excited about it, but here is our tree all finished. All that’s missing is some festive packages!

Once the tree was done, I moved on to all the “sittin’ out stuff”. You know, the fun stuff that sits around and looks cute. Here are the denizens of the Christmas forest.

The kitchen tree – Because even though I can see the regular tree perfectly fine from the kitchen, I still like to have a tree in there.

Here’s the fireplace, all decorated. The stockings hanging on the fireplace tools rack are for the dog and the bird. Santa even comes to fill them when they’ve been bad!

And here’s the view looking into the living room. I couldn’t get this picture to come out very well, but you get the idea. The tree is actually set up where the bird’s cage usually sits. Every year, we rock his world and move him to a different part of the room. We like to think of it as Bob’s fun adventure to visit the fishes.

And last but not least, the clothespin reindeer is ready to greet everyone who comes in the front door!

There are some other decorations that didn’t make it into this post, but I figured if I tried to get everything on here, there would just be way too many pictures. I hope this got you into the holiday spirit!

Call Before You Dig!

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I am so glad to be back after my brief hiatus from the internet! It was a very sad evening on Sunday when the internet stopped working. We were merrily trying to surf the web when suddenly we lost our connection. We thought maybe our router was acting up, so we went to check it out. This was when we discovered that the DSL light on the modem was red instead of green. Red is bad, so I was going to call the phone company and see what was up, but there was no dial tone. If you aren’t familiar with DSL, it comes through the phone line, so when the phone goes out, you lose the internet too. We were trying to figure out what could have gone wrong when we realized that the neighbor across the alley was out building a new fence. Uh oh…

It’s a nice fence, don’t you think?


I think it’s a nice looking fence, and they worked hard on it. I have no ill will against our fence-building neighbor. I know this was an accident. They just wanted to have a nice fence around their back yard! However, I think they might not have noticed this.



Hubby called the phone company about getting it fixed, and they said “We can probably have it fixed by Thursday.” WHAT??? But I must have my internet!!! This was upsetting, but what could we do? I wasn’t even too upset about the phone being out, it was the internet I was really going to miss.

The first day without internet was really tough. I had important web surfing things to do! I had big plans! But if I wanted to use the computer, I had to settle for some fun solitaire or free cell. By the end of the day, I had accepted the reality of having to resort to standard Windows games for computer entertainment. Tuesday wasn’t so bad, because I had students that kept me busy, and Wednesday I worked on some stuff around the house that needed to be done. I filled in my free time those days with LOTS of solitaire and free cell.

Today was very exciting, because it was the day we were supposed to get the internet back. I had some students this morning, so that filled up some time, but I spent the rest of my time watching out for the phone company to arrive. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited when they finally showed up.

Once the repair man was done working, he came and told me the scoop. Apparently, our fence building neighbors had not just cut our phone line. They cut a main line underground that provides multiple houses with phone service. We are not the only customers here that haven’t had phone service the last few days. The repair man actually had to run temporary lines between the box in the picture above and another box at the end of the alley to get us up and running. They are very dainty looking wires, and they don’t look all that sturdy. He said they are going to have to send out a construction crew to replace the main line that got broken.

Here are the dainty little orange wires that are providing us with phone and internet right now. The repair guy said he hopes the construction guys get out soon to fix the main line because he’d hate for the temporary ones to get messed up and have us lose our service again. I hope so too.


I’ll feel better when the main line has been fixed, but for now I’m thankful that we’ve got service again!

Maximizing Space

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Food storage has been something of a challenge in our house. For some reason, the builders of the house did not think to include a pantry in the kitchen, so we only have cabinets. The entryway closet is the closest thing we have to a pantry. It was apparently meant to be used as a coat closet. It has the bar in it where a person would normally hang coats, but the bar really serves no purpose since there are also shelves built in there. I suspect that these shelves were built by another former resident who had food storage difficulties. We had it all worked out where we had just enough room to store all our kitchen stuff and food between the cabinets in the kitchen and the entryway closet.

Well, we did have it all figured out until I decided to start canning food. Where were we going to put all those jars? My husband came up with a great plan to make more room in the closet/pantry so we could store all the new tasty canned foods I will be making. Here’s the closet. Yeah, I buy store brands.


If you notice on the bottom food shelf, I like to keep the baggies of dog treats with the extra peanut butter and the minced garlic. It’s a tasty combo. Anyway… These shelves used to be totally filled with food. In order to make more space, my husband did this.


He cut boards to fit along the wall from the front to the back of the closet. Then he cut blocks of wood to screw into the wall as braces. Once he got the braces screwed in he set the new shelves in place and screwed them into the existing shelves. Look how much space was being wasted before! It is so nice to have that extra space in the closet. Isn’t my husband a genius?

It’s Too Hot For This

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It’s summer, and it’s hot. I live in Texas, so the temperatures regularly get around 100 degrees or higher. We do what we can to keep the house a tolerable temperature without letting the electric bill get too high. The thermostat is set at 78, and we keep the ceiling fans going. Drafty areas by the doors are blocked with towels. That doesn’t look so nice, but it works. Someday we will get up off our lazy butts and actually fix those drafty places, but in the meantime the towels work well enough. And we wear shorts to keep cool. Shorts are great. Here are a bunch of my shorts.
I like my shorts. They keep me from burning up in the Texas heat. I have a problem with them, though. For some reason, when I went shorts shopping, I was drawn to shorts that have to be ironed. All the shorts in that picture, plus the ones that are in the wash right now, have to be ironed. Besides the fact that ironing is not high up on my list of fun things to do (in fact, I don’t think it’s on that list at all), it’s just too hot to iron! As I do the laundry the pile of clean shorts that need to be ironed piles up until all my shorts are in the pile and all I have left to wear are not-so-presentable boxers that I hijacked from my husband. Unfortunately, this is the situation I am in right now. I have plans this weekend that I would prefer to look presentable for. I guess I better go iron my shorts.

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