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I have always wanted to make my own bread, but thought that kneading was some sort of intricate and tricky process that I just wouldn’t be able to get right. I finally decided to tackle my fear, and the hubby and I set out on a breadmaking adventure. We thought it would be fun to have a pictorial documentation of the process, so here it is for your enjoyment!

This is the recipe we used, from my Joy of Cooking cookbook:

Here I am mixing the yeast with warm water. I opted to buy the jar of yeast instead of the packets, because it is actually much cheaper in the long run:

While the yeast dissolved, I worked on mixing up some other ingredients in my trusty Kitchenaid mixer. Apparently I had some sort of weird ponytail thing going on that day:

Adding the melted butter! Actually, it’s margarine, but that works too:

And a little salt:

And the yeast! Without this, it would have been a breadmaking disaster:

Now just add the flour and mix:

Mix until it looks like this:

And get ready for some kneading fun! It actually turned out to be super easy, so I don’t know what I was afraid of for all those years.

Here it is, all kneaded and ready to rise. See you in a little while, ball of dough!

It grew:

And now I get to punch it down – Take, that ya big ball of dough!

Forming it into mounds for each loaf:

And forming it into loaves:

And here are all my pretty dough loaves all lined up in their pans and ready to rise:

Get on in there and cook up into some tasty bread!

Hmm… Somehow I thought it would turn out bigger than this…

Ok, I know that was cheesy, but we just had to do it!

Here’s what it really looked like:

So I put it on the cooling rack to cool before I sliced it up.

After much impatient waiting, we finally got to slice it!

Let me tell you, this bread was so good, I don’t ever want to buy store bought bread again! As a matter of fact, I have another batch ready to go in the oven right now.



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  1. Beauty. That's actually one of my favorite bread recipes. 🙂 Too many people are intimidated by baking, so good on ya for jumping in! It's worth it.

  2. Wow…I always say im gonna do it but then i pull out my breadmaker…im pretty lazy!

  3. Thanks for the photos! They help take away some of my fear of making homemade bread.

    I usually resort to the bread machine, too!

  4. I have a bread machine..idiot proof.. I love the smell of fresh baked bread and I think I could live off bread and butter sometimes….good for you for diving into the breadmaking..!!!

  5. This adventure actually all started when I decided I wanted a breadmaker so I could make my own bread. I got impatient and finally decided to make it by hand, and now I don't want a breadmaker anymore! I like the satisfaction of knowing that it was all made from scratch with my own two hands.

  6. Good job, but maybe next time you can borrow your brother-in-law's handy dandy game camera and give a WT version.

    P.S. I have 4 ribeye steaks that I can be bought with for a slice of your bread…of course your hubby would be cooking the steaks for all of us!

  7. I could never do that!! The loaves look beautiful – great pics. I have tried bread – I can bake really great bricks!! LOL

  8. Looks tasty!

  9. Looks really yummy chicky! My mouth is watering. Pass me a slice please… would go great with some apple butter and my coffee! 🙂

  10. Looks yummy!!!

  11. Looks yummy!!!

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